Step 1: Donate items that can fit within a shoebox. This year we are focusing on gifts for boys age 10-14 in developing countries. 

Here are a few ideas for gifts:                

*Ball Peen Hammers  
*Fishing Supplies: lines, lures, & hooks                                                       *Yoyo’s
*Socks                                                                                                               *Ivory Soap (it floats!)
*Ballcaps                                                                                                           *Handcrank flashlights

All items should be new & unused. Please do not include any toy guns, soldiers or military themed items as many of these boys have grown up in war-torn areas. Nothing should be a barrier to the Gospel.

Step 2: Donate Shoeboxes & $9 to send the shoebox to its destination!  
Step 3: Pray for these boxes even before they are packed. Pray that the heart that recieves your gift is ready to hear the name of Jesus!
Step 4: Join us on Sunday, October 29th for a Shoebox Packing Party!  Our annual Service Sunday will be all about Operation Christmas Child this year. Invite your friends and family for this awesome outreach! You can track your box from this day and watch how the world changes one life at a time! 

This event & the preparation for it are great ways to teach your kids about being generous stewards—not forgetting all we have been gifted.  

For more resources & information visit: samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child