Financial Coaching

Our Financial Coaching Ministry is available to help enable you to get out of your financial rut and finally get your personal finances in order! As a church, we are passionate about helping people discover life to the full in Jesus.  Having a Biblical view of your personal finances is a huge part of that journey. It’s no accident that over half of Jesus’ parables are about money or possessions!

The Process

Our financial coaches want to have a confidential, one-on-one meeting with you and your spouse to begin the process.

They will tailor each coaching meeting based on your financial needs and goals, but at a minimum they will help you do the following:

· Prepare a written, monthly budget
· Create a plan to reduce and eliminate your debt
· Give you money-saving tips
· Encourage you to be generous with tithes and offerings

If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact Eric Bisignano.