Discovery Church Ministries

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As children belong to and are an integral part of our church body, we commit to coming alongside parents in the raising of them. Our age appropriate ministry areas are dcBabies, dcTots, dcKids, and dcTweens. Together our goal is to show our kids how very much God loves them! We want our children to look forward to the fun they have at church each week while also learning about how God works in their lives!

At Discovery Church, we are concerned about the world that our students face every day. We believe that students are either influencing or being influenced by the culture surrounding them. It is our goal to create a fun environment where students can develop healthy relationships and know that there is a God who loves them and has a plan for their life. Our hope is that through a growing relationship with Jesus, students can face the world around them, and in turn, influence others to do the same.


Community groups are gatherings that occur throughout the week of 8 - 12 (more or less) folks. The purpose of the groups are to develop relationships and simply experience life in Jesus together. For some this a bible study. For others it might center around an activity. Some are longer and meet throughout the year. Some meet for shorter periods. Some are gender specific while others are mixed, whether single or married. As we add groups your opportunities for growth increase.