What are community groups?

Community groups are gatherings that occur throughout the week of 8 - 12 (more or less) folks. The purpose of the groups are to develop relationships and simply experience life in Jesus together. For some this a bible study. For others it might center around an activity. Some are longer and meet throughout the year. Some meet for shorter periods. Some are gender specific while others are mixed, whether single or married. As we add groups your opportunities for growth increase.

Community groups are available for our students (6th-12th grade) and adults. Children have their community groups on Sunday morning during their worship time.

How can I join a community group?

Email us at info@lifeatdiscovery.com for more info. There are sign ups 3 times a year, but sometimes you can even join a group mid-season if you're eager to connect!

What if I want to lead a community group?

During each launch of community groups we will hold a training session for anyone who may be interested in leading a group or if you just want to hear what it's all about.

Attending the meeting will not obligate you to lead a community group but we do want every community group leader to attend.  If your interested please let us know using the form below that you are planning to attend.